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Our story


Begins in 2014 when I met a woman, very different from all others while at a party in New York City.  About two years later, we went back to Vietnam, her home country. While visiting her Pagoda, a monk insisted I try a cup of coffee. From that point on, I was entirely hooked on Vietnamese coffee. There were a few things that I learned while visiting Vietnam. For starters, the locals are very passionate about how they make their coffee and even more passionate about drinking it!


A typical day for the local people start with a social gathering among friends while enjoying coffee brewed with a Phin filter. It typically yields only a few ounces of a strong and bold taste from the robusta beans primarily from Vietnam. It is then poured over ice with condensed milk. Those few ounces of coffee typically last for hours as the local enjoys this social aspect of drinking coffee. 


I enjoyed the relaxing experience that it provided compared to the constant hustle of New York City. I knew after visiting for the first time, that I wanted to bring that experience back home. The idea behind Serenity was to bring back the amazing local taste of Vietnamese coffee while keeping to the roots of peacefulness of the Vietnamese people. 

Victor & Lua Scarlata in Vietnam
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